I'm Concerned About Carmel's Debt

I'm concerned about Carmel's $1.4 billion debt.

I've met with thousands of residents living in Carmel’s West District.  The number one issue that I hear is their concern for Carmel's $1.4 Billion Debt.  (Updated:  $1.5 Billion as of 10/9/19).


I am extremely concerned about Carmel's $1.4 billion dollar debt.  In fact, there is a huge difference between me and my opponent regarding the debt.  Check out how different we see the debt by watching our answers during the Candidate Forum put on by the League of Women Voters:  bit.ly/2W8DIib  (Click on the bit.ly link).


Carmel's debt is $1.4 Billion.  Yes, you read that correctly.  To give you some perspective, let's compare Carmel's debt to Fishers', a similarly sized city in Hamilton County.  Fishers has a population of approximately 90,000 residents compared to Carmel’s 93,000 residents.  Fishers’ debt is $430 Million.


To give you even more perspective, Carmel's debt of $1.4 Billion breaks down to $17,000 of debt per every man, woman and child living in Carmel.


So, should we be concerned?  Well, according to the Indianapolis Star recent article the answer is Yes.  Read the Indy Start article on Carmel’s debt for yourself.  (Paste this link in your browser if you don't see the article: bit.ly/2lTXpMT )


Having a debt of $1.4 Billion during a struggling economy leaves taxpayers vulnerable.


And, we, the taxpayers will pick up the bill should the city ever fail to pay its bills.


An economic slowdown will eventually occur, that’s just part of life in America.  My argument is that now is the time to prepare while the economy still appears to be humming along.  By reducing expenditures now and by showing transparency on the economic issues Carmel is facing, we will be prepared for when good times become challenging.


My twenty-five-year business ownership background gives me a unique perspective that will help make me an asset to Carmel as we prepare for an uncertain future.  I know how to read balance sheets and make hard decisions when necessary.


It is time to be proactive.  It is time for a new Voice.  


I'm Miles Nelson and I'm asking for your Vote this November 5th.

Carmel's Debt I'm concerned about Carmel's debt $1.4 Billion Debt

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  • miles nelson
    commented 2019-09-18 10:14:29 -0400
    I’m concerned about Carmel’s $1.4 Billion debt. My business background gives me the unique perspective that will make me an asset to Carmel.
  • miles nelson
    published this page in About Miles 2019-09-18 10:12:10 -0400