Canvass Report from Laurel Lakes

I've spent the last few evenings canvassing through the beautiful neighborhood of Laurel Lakes.  Carolina and I used to live in Laurel Lakes prior to moving to the Village of West Clay.  I visited with a number of old friends and familiar faces making my inaugural canvassing effort a positive experience.  

I met both Democrats and Republicans.  All were happy to discuss issues and share concerns for the West District and Carmel.  It is clear to me that we all care about the same things...especially on a local level.

A constituent, explained that she and her husband were lifelong Republicans and had lived in Carmel for twenty plus years.  She was concerned about gun violence and asked how she could get involved in meaningful gun control.  I returned to her house the next day to provide contacts within Mom's Demand Action.  She shared that she and her husband would support me. (I'd be their first vote for a Democrat.)  

That was a very rewarding experience for me.

See you on the trail.


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