About Miles         


Carolina and I moved to Carmel fifteen years ago.  We chose this city to raise a family and build careers.  And over the fifteen years, we’ve fallen in love with this city.  Carmel is our Forever Home.

I’m running for Carmel City Council because I think local government is important.  The decisions made here directly affect our daily lives and the future of Carmel. 

I’m running because I want my children to see that one person can make a difference if they’re willing to roll-up-there-sleeves and get involved.

As a kid growing up in the Nelson household meant a lot of dinner table conversations about business and community service.  My mom and dad both were business owners and served on many boards.  My sisters and I learned a lot from these conversations.  It’s why I’ve built and managed three companies and volunteer regularly here in Carmel. 

Professionally, I own American Opportunity Incorporated, AOI.  I do Executive Search.  Companies hire me to find their top leadership and to help them retain their key employees.  These experiences of owning companies and working with large corporations, helping them plan, study trends and hire their leadership gives me a perspective that will help me plan for Carmel’s continued success.

And, community service has played a key role in my life.  My passion for education and children led me to serve as chairman of the Indianapolis Public School Education Foundation the Child Advocates.  I currently serve on the board of the Indy Chamber’s Hispanic Business Council and the board of Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation.

However, what I’m most proud of is the Carmel Cleanup Crew that my daughter, Olivia and I started.  Our mission is to clean trash from the streets of Carmel.  We’re a community-based group of volunteers, maybe you’ve seen us on Saturday mornings in our blue shirts.

These are the reasons why I feel I would be a valuable resource and advocate for the constituents of the West District.


I’ve repeatedly pledged to my neighbors and thousands of residents that I've spoken to while knocking on doors.

When elected to City Council I pledge to:

  1. Make government transparent by holding regular office hours…meeting with constituents…. Making all my Votes public…. and explaining my rationale for the decisions I make.
  2. To ensure Carmel remains a Tolerant, Welcoming and Safe for everyone.
  3. Be fiscally responsible, ensuring our tax dollars are being spent wisely and with thoughtful purpose.
  4. To always be an independent voice, representing the concerns and values of the constituents of the West District.

I am asking for your support and for your vote this November 5th 2019.