A Councilman's Job Description

What does the City Council do?  I get asked this a lot.  Frankly, prior to declaring myself a candidate I had to research the role of City Council.

The City Council constitutes the legislative body of the city and oversees many of the law-making responsibilities, has power over the city budget, approves or denies mayoral appointees, and works with citizens and the mayor to provide necessary guidance to complete the day-to-day business of the city.  The Council oversees the police and fire departments and public works departments; ensures streets and sidewalks are safe and manages the staff at City Hall.

Much like the federal government, the city of Carmel has three branches of government.  The mayor, the city council and the Carmel city court.  Each branch of local government is accountable to the other to provide a balance of power similar to the one set up in the US Constitution in which each branch of government has check and balances over the other branches.

The Carmel City Council is comprised of nine members elected to four-year terms: three at-large members and six elected members from five districts throughout the city.

In 2020, the Carmel City Council expands to nine members by adding the new West District member and one at large member.  Elections for all city council members are in 2019.

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